By popular demand, our daily House Meetings are BACK!!!!!  House meetings are held every morning at 9 am on the       Zoom Meetings App.

You can download the Zoom App through your Apple App Store of your Android Marketplace. 


Stop by to learn about all of the new and exciting groups that the Clubhouse have implemented since the lockdown began, and to see all of the friends that you've missed.

If you get in early, we have an Aloha Group that starts 8:30 to talk story and get warmed up for the House Meeting. 


Click on the link above to join the House Meeting.  To ensure the safety of our members, please state your name when entering the meeting room. 

We also have daily Unit Meetings at 10:00am and 1:00pm.  We will discuss daily activities and plans for each unit at these meetings.  The 2 units are the CAM (Career Administrative and Multimedia) Unit and the Food Service Unit.  The CAM Unit is a combination of the Business Unit and the Employment and Education Unit.  As with the House Meeting, you are asked to state your name when entering the meeting room to ensure the safety of our members.  Links are below. 

CAM Unit

CAM Unit Meeting Link

Food Service Unit

Food Service Unit Meeting Link

See you all at the meetings!!!!!!