The Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse Kitchen is    serving lunch

The Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse Kitchen has lunches available  for members that attend the Clubhouse. The current menu is posted below.

To attend the Clubhouse, call 974-4320 to schedule an appointment.


November 22-December 6

Monday November 22 :   Loco Moco

Tuesday November 23:  Chicken Strips, Cream of Chicken and Rice

Wednesday  November 24 : Thanksgiving Lunch

Thursday  November 25:  Closed

Friday November 26:   Smoke Meat with Onions or Cabbage and Rice

Monday November 29: Burritos with Refried Beans

Tuesday November 30: Goulash with Cream of Mushroom and Rice

Wednesday December 1: Mac & Cheese with Chicken Nuggets

Thursday December 2: Chili, Hot Dog and Rice

Friday December 3: Bento (Rice, Furikake, Egg, Spam and Vienna Sausage)

Monday  December 6: Cheese Sandwich and Soup