Program Hours:
Visits by appointment only









8:30am –   4:30   pm

8:30am –   4:30   pm

8:30am –   4:30   pm

8:30am –   4:30   pm

8:30am –   4:30   pm




A huge mahalo to all of our members and supporters.  Let's make 2021 the best year ever.



Notice To Members

House Meetings are being held every morning at 10:00 via Zoom.

Please contact your staff member for the link to attend these meetings.

General Notice to the Public

In accordance with directions from the State of Hawaii Department of Health, the Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse is currently closed.  

There will be essential staff at the Clubhouse to maintain essential daily activities, however, the Clubhouse building is closed to the public.   

If you need to contact the Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse, please call us at 974-4320.

Notice For Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse Members

While the Clubhouse building is closed, we encourage you to keep in contact with each other and with your Clubhouse Staff.  Call your friends or reach out through social media.  The Clubhouse has an Instagram account (@alohaclubhilo) and a Facebook Page (Aloha Club of Hilo).  You can also call us at 974-4320.  We hope you are all doing well, and we are always here to support you.  We understand that we are under a directive to maintain "Social Distance".  However, we think it should be "Physical Distance" as we can continue to be there to support each other socially.  So let's keep our physical distance, but continue to be social supports.

Together, we'll get through this.



Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse is committed to ending the negative stigma about mental illness by providing education to the public and opportunities for our members. 


A Clubhouse Guarantees...

a right to a place to come to

a right to meaningful relationships

a right to meaningful work

a right to a place to return to