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Food Service Unit

Business Unit

Education &

Employment Unit

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Members and staff work together side by side to complete the daily tasks of the Clubhouse.  Members have a choice of work units to develop their skills and talents, while becoming successful and independent members of the community.

Unit Meetings are held twice daily at the Clubhouse and on Zoom.  Speak to your staff for more information.

Food Service Unit


     Meal Planning, Preparation, and Service

    Prepares and serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks

    Shopping and Budgeting Skills

    Cash Register Operations

    Dining Room Functions

Employment and Education Unit


      Support and Assistance to Achieve Vocational Goals 

     Employment Development and Support

     Education and Vocational Training

     Interview Preparation and Resumes

     Thrift Store Operations

     Computer Skills


Business Unit

      Daily Clubhouse Operations

     Reception Services 

     Office Assistance

     Accounting Skills

     Intake and Orientation of New Members

     Public Information

     Data Tracking





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