In accordance with the Governor's Order of "Stay at Home", the Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse will be closed temporarily.  We will still have staff available to take your calls from 7:45-4:30, as always, Monday-Friday at 974-4320.  You can also call the Clubhouse Cell Phone at 960-5076.

Clubhouse International and the Hale 'Oluea Clubhouse believes that, while we are not able to physically meet in the Clubhouse building to prevent the spread of Covid 19, we will continue to support each other through this difficult time.  Your staff members will be reaching out to you via phone call.  You can also call the Clubhouse phone or cell phone for support, assistance or social interaction.

We also encourage member to member peer support.  The Clubhouse is more than just a "mental health program", it's a community.  As a community, we want to continue to find ways to remain socially engaged and supportive of each other through this challenging time.

We will have meals available daily for all members of the Clubhouse.  Meal pick-up will be at the Clubhouse from 11-1 starting Friday, March 27th.  Orders must be placed the day before.  Please call the Clubhouse (974-4320) and leave a message with your name and when you'll be picking up your meal.  Meals can only be paid for using pre-paid cards.  If you would like to purchase a new pre-paid card, please call the Clubhouse at 974-4320.  If you have any questions or are interested in other meal options, please call the Clubhouse.


For information on COVID 19 and relaxation techniques to deal with the current situation, click on the link below.